Confidentiality agreement

Confidentiality agreement

Please read the following site terms of use before using the website

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All information, graphics, logos, images, figures, technical and scientific drawings, audio clips, animation, video and music recordings, softwares, appearance, design, system and technical elements , comments and recommendations within the contents of the website and all links given from here are provided in order to inform the user; therefore, they belong to SKT including the related copyrights and all the rights, provided that their industrial design is not limited to these. 

All reasonable efforts have been made for the information on the website to reflect the current situation. Regarding the revision or correction of the information on this site; SKT is the sole authority to carry out the procedures of revision, modification, correction and removal of the information on the site at any time without prior notice, and has all the rights in this regard. Some statements used on this site may be prepared prospectively and thus may include various risks and uncertainties. For various reasons, the actual results and developments may differ concretely from those mentioned or implied in these statements.

SKT cannot be held liable under any name whatsoever because of the inability to update the information on the site to include accuracy for various reasons, as well as for the delay in revision, a possible mistake or omission or alteration on the site. Even if there is a date related to the update, SKT cannot be held liable in any way for the matters mentioned above.

In case of disputes arising from the use of the information on the site and in its contents, the Turkish Legal Notice text shall be taken as the basis, and in such a case, the SKT shall exercise its full legal rights.